Laura mellado
Laura Mellado

I help cooperation and development professionals to strengthen their international ties through transformative communication.

Laura mellado

The international community is facing urgent social challenges

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Laura mellado
About me

I turn your ideas into actions with real impact

Through extensive work analysing the context, expectations and needs of international society, I have supported the communication of cooperation and development projects, demonstrating:

  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Ability to drive significant social changes

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"I see humanity as a transparent and committed interaction in which diversity is respected and social justice is fostered"

Laura Mellado

Projects I have participated in

In front of the Visual ID created for the CivicTech4Democracy contest in the framework of International Democracy Day 2018.
Selfie with a company that produces biopesticides and biofertilizers in Kenya to grow safer and more environmentally friendly food.
Interviewing the director of a school in eastern Zambia about the conditions under which her students go to school.
Snapshot before conducting a podcast about Environmental Liabilities Mining in Chile..
At José Mujica's farm with the delegation from the Nobel Peace Prize Tour that took us to Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.
Posing with some civil society organizations during the seminar 'The Right to Peace in the States of West Africa' organized in Nigeria.

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I have compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about my services or why I offer them. Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to delve into a topic or need more information.

Strategic communication is the process of identifying, planning, executing and evaluating the internal and external communication messages and actions of organisations to achieve their specific objectives. 

It is important because it allows you to be proactive, effective and decisive in conveying information and values in a clear and coherent way, improves understanding and rapport with your audience, and fosters long-term collaboration by strengthening credibility and trust.

Diplomacy promotes international cooperation between two or more countries. The main difference is that public diplomacy establishes direct links with citizens in other countries for the acceptance of policies or values, while traditional diplomacy is a tool exclusive to governments involving public officials in negotiations, dialogues, and formal agreements between countries.

Today, public diplomacy is not a tool exclusive to states. International or regional organisations, non-profit organisations, companies, collectives and/or individuals with a role on the international stage have a story to tell and goals to achieve. In this context, where there are so many stories competing for public attention, public diplomacy is the tool that enables lasting partnerships through listening to each other to build trust in presenting values and ideas, sharing commonalities through culture or creating lasting relationships through exchanges or education.