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About me

Hello, I'm Laura Mellado, a consultant dedicated to strengthening dialogue, cooperation, and understanding within the international community

Do you work in cooperation and development and want to change the world? Are you frustrated by not knowing how to communicate the value of what you do? Do you lack a figure like mine in your team?

Don’t worry, I can accompany you with my strategic advisory, consulting, and knowledge sharing services.

Do you know the power of communicating to inspire?

By using the right words, and with transparency, you can connect with your audience and motivate them to act.

I’m Laura Mellado, a specialist in communication strategies for international cooperation and development projects. My mission is to give you visibility and boost your social initiatives with passion, commitment, and creativity.

I also started from scratch, without contacts or references. In fact, whenever I explained to my family that I wanted to help improve society, their response in unison was: “And we’re going to be astronauts.”

I was born in Barcelona, and after finishing my studies and taking my first steps with the European institutions, I decided to move to Brussels, the political heart of Europe. There, with a suitcase full of dreams and following my family’s advice, I bought Tintin’s rocket.

The beginnings were not easy: I was alone in city that was new for me, the competition was fierce, the rules were complex, the clients were demanding. However, instead of giving up, I specialised in international communication while eating frites cones sitting in front of Berlaymont and imagining that one day I would work there.

Soon, I started working in non-profit organisations and in the private sector, communicating about social projects that have had a real and positive impact.

My curiosity and dynamism made me realize that something was missing, I wanted to be the protagonist of my story! And I decided to become a freelance communicator.

Since then, I have contributed to the communication of key issues for the international community such as freedom of expression, sustainable growth, and the fight against inequalities. I have created storytelling, multimedia content, and content strategies, as well as organised public diplomacy events, workshops or interactive sessions with media adapted to the needs of my clients

About me

And now, I want to help you

I want to share with you everything I've learned over these years. I want to teach you the techniques and tools that I use myself. I want to accompany you on your path to success.

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About me

Laurel: the strength behind my story

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My transformation has made me a laurel tree that produces leaves for your success. With my help, we will make your work easier, solve your problems and achieve your goals because, now, my purpose is to turn your ideas and projects into the flowers of this laurel tree.

Are you ready to be a part of my story?

My expansion has led me to collaborate with top-level consultancies in the execution of EU-funded projects and initiatives. My branches have become stronger and deeper with each experience. I have strengthened bonds between the South and North through cooperation, mutual understanding, and the generation of key content.

While studying journalism I wanted to be a war correspondent, but in 2006 I had my first contact with the European institutions which made me rethink my career. Four years later I moved to Brussels where I became a firm and stable trunk working for organisations and companies that share my social vision and have a enriching cultural diversity.

I identify with the laurel tree due to its history in Greek mythology, where Daphne, the personification of the laurel, transformed her body to preserve her values and escape from Apollo, a stubborn god, which reflects the determination and evolution in my life.

Laura Mellado

Tailored solutions for you

I communicate and enhance the capabilities of those who want to transform society for social justice.

About me
My purpose is to create communication bridges that transform social projects into drivers of change for the global community
Laura mellado

Make your goals a reality

Empower your communication and generate sustainable change in society.

How can I help you today?

Laura mellado

Clear your doubts

Your questions deserve answers. Explore the most common questions about my services and, if you do not find what you are looking for, contact me to receive personalised advice tailored to your needs.

As an expert, strategist, and consultant in strategic communication and public diplomacy, I offer a full range of services to help you reach your goals. I work with you to identify the needs of your audience and establish effective links with them. In addition to generating strategies, content, and direct human relationships, I also cover the audiovisual, multimedia, and digital aspects.

I have an extensive network of collaborators specialised in digital marketing, multimedia resources, website creation, and audiovisual services. Together, we will translate your ideas into attractive and effective products to achieve your goals. Whether you need advice, implementation, or both, I can provide you with a comprehensive and personalised solution.

I am based in Brussels, the capital of the European Union, but I maintain personal and professional ties with Barcelona. However, thanks to technology and my willingness to travel and acquire first-hand knowledge and techniques to help my clients, my suitcase is always ready to travel to other countries and continents.

Each project and client is different. A one-off collaboration in which the service focuses on strategic consultancy lasts approximately 1 month. A specialised individual or group consultancy for organisations or institutions can be reduced to a 1-hour training session or more comprehensive programmes.

If the client requires content management and a continuous evaluation of the strategy, I recommend collaborations of at least 18 months. During this period my services vary depending on the needs: conception and implementation of editorial plans with informative and informative content, public diplomacy actions, review of objectives, key messages and strategic plans among others. Please do not hesitate to contact me to better assess your needs and orientate you on my services.