Experience and contacts are my tools for establishing lasting relationships and carrying out advocacy activities in the international community.

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Trust my experience and skills as a communicator

Do you face cultural or internal challenges in aligning your team towards your goals? Are you looking to promote and advocate for causes you care about?

Let me help you.

I am an expert in establishing dialogues and collaborations, fostering action and change within the international community, and creating content to promote and advocate relevant causes. I have worked with leading organisations in the EU, speak 4 languages, and have implemented all 17 UN SDGs.

My global perspective, wide network and advocacy skills allow me to identify opportunities where others don’t see them and establish beneficial collaborations. Whether you’re looking to expand into new markets, raise awareness of sensitive issues or drive an important initiative through impactful content, I can help you get there.

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Do you need to establish solid relationships with new partners to expand the reach of your social project?

With my global perspective and extensive experience implementing the SDGs, I can help you achieve agreements, find opportunities and create lasting collaborations in international development and cooperation. Maximise your resources and boost new policies that benefit civil society.

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Don’t just take my word for it, let’s talk on a video call about your needs and goals, and let me show you how we would work to achieve them.

Global expert projects


Editorial production of written, audiovisual, and multimedia content for Capacity4dev. This process has a strategic planning and clear objective setting. The purpose is to foster the exchange of knowledge through the EU community platform, aimed at development professionals. All of this focused on the work of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals worldwide.

Outreach activities, public events, workshops with CSOs and coordination of input from local journalists in producing a documentary on the African Peace Facility.

Outreach and public diplomacy activities to raise visibility to EU values and priorities in the Latin America and Caribbean region, such as democracy through the Nobel Peace Prize tour, sustainable food, human rights and fighting climate change, among others, and fostering stakeholder partnerships to create trust and sustainable relationships.

Storytelling and human-interest stories in written and audiovisual format to support the achievement of the strategic communication objectives of the EU's External Investment Plan Secretariat for inclusive growth, job creation, and sustainable development in EU neighboring countries and sub-Saharan Africa.

Communication, collaborations, and public diplomacy activities across Europe for the EU's enlargement policy and the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) focused on security, gender equality, migration, and rule of law.

Cultural and sports activities for young people, twinning, outreach activities, and awareness campaigns for social inclusion in a network of more than 150 journalists, 20 local authorities, youth organisations, and CSOs across the European Union.

Internal and external outreach and communication of a pan-European political organisation, including high-level debates across Europe. Design and maintenance of all communication channels and campaign materials.

Communication and marketing campaign to introduce the academic and recreational activities of a Belgian company EasyLanguages into the Spanish market to encourage young people and adults to learn languages abroad.

Reactivate the communication of a media development network with more than 190 members with a completely new online strategy and 3 new awareness campaigns on freedom of expression and media development around the world, especially in Syria and Ukraine.

Volunteering in an NGO developing campaign ideas and outreach strategies on refugees globally. 

Organising and promoting the International Day of Democracy for two consecutive years in Brussels through outreach and communication activities, coordinating a network of CSOs relevant to the EU, and working on the ground and involving Civic Tech organisations from around the world.


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For me, understanding your needs is essential. Explore the answers to frequently asked questions about my services and if you still have concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

With my experience, extensive network and advocacy skills, I can help you establish lasting relationships with the international community. I understand cultural challenges and am an expert in establishing dialogues and partnerships that lead to change. With experience in the EU and fluency in four languages, I help you overcome cultural challenges.

I will help you understand your audience and select the right communication channels to ensure your message reaches them. I conduct market research and data analysis to understand your audience and their media consumption habits, using effective channels, whether traditional, digital or social. In addition, I use my persuasive and public advocacy skills to promote and advocate for specific causes within your organisation. With my experience in international relations and knowledge of socio-political issues, I formulate effective advocacy strategies.

In an interconnected world, relationships are essential as it allows you to expand your network and connect with relevant experts in your field. In addition, by establishing strong relationships, you can benefit from the exchange of knowledge and experience, learning from best practices and successful strategies implemented by others. You can also take advantage of strategic collaborations, working on joint projects and increasing your visibility and reach.

Partnering with others gives you access to complementary resources, such as specialised skills and advanced technology, which can strengthen your capabilities and improve your results. In short, building strong links with other partners helps you expand your influence, improve your positioning and seize opportunities for growth.


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